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Onunu and Odu fulo; the Wakrike Delicacy

Onunu or as my mom will always call it “Temi-buru(pounded yam)”  is a weekend and festive delicacy in my home, I remember my mom always anxious and excited whenever that Saturday is proclaimed Onunu Saturday, She’ll be buying foodstuffs for this delicacy and in this process She’ll also buy some unwanted groceries too. Mom would always use either a toothpick or the sharp edge of a skewer to inscribe our initials on our plates of Onunu. In my home, Onunu is enjoyed with fresh fish or dry fish pepper soup but traditionally it’s eaten with Odu fulo. Right now if I tell mom to prepare Onunu She’ll say “Osei you’re doing the pounding” and that sucks but nevertheless I miss childhood, so I’ll walk you down my childhood and give you the recipe in preparing this Wakrike delicacy.

Ingredients and procedure in preparing Onunu

Half tuber of yam.

5fingers of overly ripe plantains.

Salt to taste.

Palm oil


Peel yam, wash yam and cut into chunks and boil. Peel plantain ,wash and cut into bite sizes, add plantains to the yam boiling for 10minutes, add salt. Cook till both soft.

In a mortar add boiled yam, pound for about 2-3 minutes before adding the plantains, add palm oil, pound till well mixed, mould into a round shape and place in a serving dish, your Onunu is ready.

Procedure and ingredients for Odu fulo (fresh fish stew)

3-4 fresh fish.

Chopped onions

 pepper and tomatoes blended 

 Salt and knor cube maggi.  

Palm oil

Scent leaf

Wash fresh fish well with water and salt, put in a pot, add your chopped onions, fresh pepper, palm oil, salt, knor cubes, cook for 7-12 minutes.

Add your onion/pepper/tomato blend, cover and summer for 15 minutes. Check for seasoning and pepper and make sure the tomatoe has lost almost all its tanginess… Don’t forget to add your scent leaves. When stew is a little thick, it’s ready to eat…

Serve  Odu fulo with Onunu

Have a great weekend



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