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My Sexual Encounter With My Integrated Science Teacher.

One Monday morning we were having Ms. Theresa, she walked in, she was on a short skimpy skirt and a top, looking beautiful as always, I used to be a front liner so she sat on my desk at the front while she was teaching the topic was puberty, it was interesting, we got to a point where she was talking about girls seing their period and guys releasing some whitish stuff(sperm) well she asked for the guys who have had sex or by anyway observed the whitish stuff from their penis, one or two persons could testify the rest of us were novice, so I asked her why haven’t I experienced mine yet, I was old enough I guess, she said it could be because I haven’t had an encounter but I can find out by masturbating, I didn’t know what that meant, my curiosity was much she asked me to come to her office later.

It skipped me during break so after school I went to the staffroom, everyone was gone just Ms. Theresa left in the staffroom, she was a corp member, her lodge was in the school compound so she was never in a hurry to go home, “ma you asked me come for more clarity” ooo Justice you a funny boy you really want to know, this know know attitude can put you in trouble, “knowledge is power I guess” I replied her. She asked me to sit down, she began to ask me some funny questions like if I do watch porn, I wasn’t a novice to that, we popularly call it blue film then, told her yes, but I’ve not tried any of those, she placed her hand on my leg while she was still writing whatever it is she was writing, she asked if a girl has touched me down there before, my response was no, though i could remember a neighbor of mine putting my dick in her mouth years back i should be in pry.5 then, while the question and answer session was going on she was caressing and rubbing my dick through my shorts funny enough she was still writing like it was nothing, at that point I could feel my d#ck go hard, I was kinda shy, feeling embarrassed already when she asked to see it, if it was as big as it felt.

Ma, what if someone walks in? She said I should just do what she asked, I unzipped my shorts n freed my belt, now she had the main thing in her hand, her hand was cold and soft, I liked the way it felt I was relaxed but it was like my D#ck was gonna burst, she kept on massaging it up and down, now she wasn’t writing anymore at this point, she asked if I’d love to touch her too I felt she was testing to see my response so I replied if she wants me too, she was wearing a skirt so it was easier, she asked me to hold on while she removed her panties, it was a red gstring, her bag wasn’t there so she asked me to put it in my pocket, I asked her why it was soaked she smiled and said I’d find out soon.

She placed my hands on her laps and asked me to rub her laps down to her vagina, she was well shaved, her vagina was soaked I didn’t what it was but it was juicy, I liked the feel, I had a finger in, she began to make some sound she couldn’t keep up with rubbing my dick anymore, she asked me to do what I was doing faster, well I just kept rubbing that spot faster, my finger wasn’t really dip in, and due to the way I was sitting I was rubbing some rough fleshy part, the noise got louder, I liked it, she was saying faster, don’t stop, my hand hurts but I just had to continue then she gripped me real tight like something was about to happen, few seconds later she was calm and her hand was on my dick again, I was still hard, she kept on massaging real good then she bent down having my dick in her mouth, like she was toothless she kept going up and down sucking me while she had one hand rubbing my balls, she went faster at this point i had this feeling like something was gonna come out of my dick, I was stretched out, it was coming, I held her head down to my dick, I could feel her choke on my dick but she wasn’t struggling, the. I felt something gushing out of my dick, it felt relieving, she began to slow down, it felt more sticky, I could see some whitish sticky stuff, this was it… What she was teaching us about, she wiped her mouth with a tissue on her table, there was some cute smile on our faces. Ms. Theresa was my best teacher, she thought me by experience.

The End.

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