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Did You Use Condom?

Did You Use Condom?

Well this is a random normal question that comes up often probably after you banged a girl/guy then a friend ask. Sometimes we get shy to say no, let me act like I’m protective so I’d always say yes.

My friend Chuks always call me and be like “Jay you dey house? I dey control one babe come”. It’s our NYSC year so we see it as one year to explore, people explore differently, some beer parlor. Some bet9ja house, some explore women, well Chuks was a little of all maybe more of the women. I stay alone so whenever there is a girl to explore he rings my phone and as a good friend I just leave the door open and stroll out, I’m fond of leaving condom on the floor where anyone can see incase he needs any, which I believe he should always need, When he comes around with a girl I stay out for a while then come home when I think they should be done, I keep count of the condom and I observe it never reduces, and while seeing them off I’d ask “guy you use condom?” The answer is always yes, I even bring my own, then he’d show me on in his pocket. When cleaning my crib I try to check well should in case there is a used condom hidden somewhere so I don’t get f#cked up when I have a visitor myself.

One day I got a call from Chuks saying his serious girlfriend intends coming to spend a week so they’d be coming to stay at my place, I wasnt bothered cos I know my feeding would be taking care of that week, and I wouldn’t be bored and lonely. Days later she came, taller than he was and cute, she arrived late at night and tired I guess that’s why we had a peaceful night, the next morning started with much romance in my room sound of kisses and some kinda sticky sound woke me up, stood up to go pee and Chuks followed up and whispered to me he needs this early morning fun its been long he saw her, I only replied “use condom o” according to him she’s his serious girlfriend why use a condom?.
Three days of her stay, with everyday life porn and soundtrack I experience, even with my earpiece on sometimes the sound gets really loud. That morning Chuks asked if there was a big pharmacy around the area that he needed to get some drugs, I got curios and asked why, his response was his girlfriend has been complaining of some itching and himself have been experiencing some discharge from his penis and a little pain when he tries urinating… Ahhh!!! You’ve gotten Gono, I replied jokingly. We both smiled and went to the pharmacy and got drugs for them Chuks Later that day I strolled out and while getting home I could hear argument from my room with a girl crying, sounds like Chuks and his girlfriend, I didn’t wanna disturb so I sat out and listen, “Since you left pH, I’ve not had anything to do with any guy, you know I wouldn’t dare, so this infection is from you, test result shows it was a STD” and Chuks replied “OK maybe I had one or two affair, but I have been using condom, trust me, you know I’m a man, the urge is unbearable”, meanwhile I couldn’t resist but clear my throat when I heard that from chuks🤦🏼‍♂ I just stirred up anger, ” Chuks I’m done” even your friend doubts you, guess they heard me.

The next day she was all set and ready to leave, a relationship of 3years down the drain, because Chuks always refused using condom🤦🏼‍♂.

The End.

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